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Savon de Marseille is one of the most signature products coming from the South-Western region of France.  The ancient Greeks would use Olive Oil as the first form of soap.  The first Olive Oil soap factory was established in Marseille in the 6th century.

Large and dense, the soaps are made from Vegetable and Olive Oils. Fresh flowers from the South of France are pressed into each 300 gram square bar that measures 3"x3"x3". Perfect as a decorative detail for the bath, or to fill any room with their natural aromas. The high olive oil content will moisturize skin as it cleanses. Gentle enough to use on delicate laundry, it is a natural choice for cleaning clothes. Choose Lavender, Rose, Verbena, or classic Olive.

Price is by the bar.



lavenderastack Marseille Soap - Lavender Price: $20.00

Lavender Savon de Marseille / Lavender Soap.   There are few symbols of Provence more iconic than Lavender.   One of the worlds most popular scents, the calming effects of these lavender soaps make them perfect for an evening bath or shaved to use in the laundry.

300 gram square bar made from Fresh Lavender from Provence.


roseabovestack Marseille Soap - Rose Price: $20.00

Rose Savon de Marseille / Rose Soap.   As decorative as they are aromatic, these Rose soaps are a great way to decorate a kitchen counter,  a guest bathroom, or any room where you want to bring some color to the story.   Also a great soap to shave into flakes and use in your laundry.

300 gram square bar made with Fresh Rose petals from the South of France.


verbenastack2 Marseille Soap- Verbena Price: $20.00

The clean, fresh smell of Verbena has been known to ward off vampires - at least according to ancient folklore.  From Ancient Greece to Ancient Egypt the Verbena plant has captivated all that have been close enough to smell the aroma of these tiny flowers. The invigorating scent makes these bars perfect for a morning bath.

Square bars of 300grams


soapdishsmall.jpg Soap Holder Price: $30.00

The perfect holder for Savon de Marseille.  This soap dish is handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY.   Choose from Teak  or American Walnut wood to compliment your interior design.   Unfinished with natural aging in mind.  Each dish measures 3.5" x 3.5" - custom fitted for our Savon de Marseille.  Each dish is one piece of carved wood.  Carved exclusively for Christophe Pourny Studio.   Natural wood grain differs per dish.

hostlavendersmall.jpg Housewarming / Host Gift Price: $115.00

A wonderful gift to welcome neighbors or friends that are new to your city or town.

Each kit contains 6 products.   *visit the Housewarming page for full description.

Choose your favorite Marseille soap scent of Lavender, Rose, or Verbena.

Makes a great gift to yourself.

Choose Soap Scent
rosesavondish.jpg Soap with Soap Holder Price: $43.00
Purchase your favorite Marseille Soap with our custom made Teak Wood Soap Dish. Designed specifically for these dense 300 gram soap cubes. Rose, Lavender, or Verbena.
Choose a Scent
CP5creamcards2 Note Card Price: $3.00
One chair card printed on cream stationary with matching envelope. Shipped in a cellophane bag. These cards are prints of Christophe's illustrations of chair design through history - originally seen in The Furniture Bible. Card selection will vary. Cards are printed in NY.
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