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Wooden Furniture Care

Our Furniture Tonic, Color Reviver, Paste Wax, and Cutting Board Tonic can revitalize most wooden surfaces in your home.  From sun bleached tables, to scratched chair legs, these formulas get results - without the use of harsh chemicals. 

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TonicCropped2.jpg Furniture Tonic Price: $21.00

Christophe Pourny Furniture Tonic nurtures wood as it restores the luster and shine that time and sun can diminish. The tonic is made from natural, non-toxic ingredients that are friendly to the environment and sourced in North America. Organic Linseed and Walnut Oils are natural cures for wood worn by time. Essential oils and beeswax are added to every bottle, as well as a natural cleanser and drying agent. The tonic is mixed by hand in small batches in NYC.

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Each bottle contains 200 ML or approx. 6.7 ounces

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CRWebSmallA.jpg Color Reviver Price: $22.00

CP Color Reviver adds a boost to furniture finish.  Reviving aged and worn finishes - or enhancing new items - the reviver will refresh dark wood finishes.  Color Reviver will HIDE NICKS & SCRATCHES with one application. All natural ingredients are as kind to the environment as they are to your furniture. Organic and virgin oils, sourced from North American seeds go into every batch, mixed by hand. Essential oils give every bottle a fresh scent. A natural drying agent derived from trees ensures a lasting finish.

6.7 oz Glass Bottle

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waxgroup1.jpg Scented Paste Wax Price: $22.00
Organic Paste Wax infused with essential Oils of Lavender, Bergamot, Rosemary, Cedar, or Sandalwood. This hand poured clear wax will shine and protect most wood finishes. 6 oz tin. *Cracks in paste wax cake may occur. Does not diminish the moisturizing ability of wax.*
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smallmittsmall.png Polishing Mitt Price: $18.00

Our Polishing Mitt is made from washed Italian Flannel. Originating in Tuscany, the Wool Flannel is washed in the Arno river to achieve the softest feel. The fabric is imported by our studio, and the Mitt is created for us here by an Italian Atelier. The finest fabric to dust and polish your finest antiques - or newest possessions.  One side can be used to apply Tonics or Wax, and turned over to Polish or Dust.   Machine washable, the Mitt should last for many cleanings.   The best way to apply Christophe Pourny Furniture Tonics, Wax, or Serums, or simply dust items already treated.   Air dry to prevent shrinkage.

Mitt measures approx... 7" x 10"  - One Size Fits All

FurnitureCareKitlores.png Furniture Care Kit Price: $115.00

The Furniture Care Kit is a great addition to any well appointed home   A selection of Christophe Pourny Tonics, Serum, Wax, & Cream are at your fingertips.  Each kit makes it possible to polish, clean, restore, and shine surfaces and furniture in your home.  Wood, leather, stone, & marble surfaces can all be treated.  The Leather Serum & Cream also rejuvenates and protects Shoes, Handbags, Belts, & Luggage.

Each kit includes a full size bottle of Furniture Tonic & Color Reviver, one Leather Serum vial with dropper, one jar of Leather Cream, and one round tin of Paste Wax.  Exact size information listed for each item on this web-store.

To choose a scented Tonic or Paste wax, please add a request in the comments section.   Lavender, Rosemary, or Bergamot  - choose your favorite.

Housed in a reusable wooden crate with hinged cover,  Hand crafted in the USA.

The Furniture Care Kit makes a great gift.  Whatever the occasion.  Say thank-you to the gracious host/ hostess with this ultimate care kit.  A great way to say "Welcome to the neighborhood".   

The Kit measures 12" x 11" x 4".

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$125.00 Retail Value

COVER.Furniture Bible copy.jpg The Furniture Bible Price: $35.00

Christophe Pourny learned the art of furniture restoration in his father’s atelier in the South of France. In this, his first book, he teaches readers everything they need to know about the provenance and history of furniture, as well as how to restore, update, and care for their furniture—from antiques to midcentury pieces, family heirlooms or funky flea-market finds.

The heart of the book is an overview of Pourny’s favorite techniques—ceruse, vernis anglais,and water gilding, among many others—with full-color step-by-step photographs to ensure that readers can easily replicate each refinishing technique at home.  *click title to find more info in the book.

Foreword by Martha Stewart - published by Artisan Books

**Copies purchased on are signed by the author**

Ships Free

CuttingBoardTonicMd.jpg Cutting Board Tonic Price: $22.00

Cutting Board Tonic is a great way to clean, sanitize, and moisturize all wooden kitchen items. Cutting Boards, Salad Bowls, Utensils, and more.  Free of harmful chemicals and solvents.  All natural white vinegar and Rosemary Oil sanitizes as Walnut oil nurtures and moisturizes wood. Gives a fresh, clean scent.  Does NOT contain Alcohol or Mineral Oil.

** Contains Walnut Oil **

8 oz. Glass Bottle with resealable pump dispenser

*Made in the USA*

Valet / Leather Brush Price: $39.00
This custom brush is the perfect tool to buff and shine leather boots, apply wax to wooden tables, or simply use as a valet fabric brush. Made from American Walnut Wood and 100% Horsehair bristles - right here in the USA for Christophe Pourny Studio. The slight curve in the handle makes for comfortable use. The natural waxed finish will last a lifetime - gaining character with each use. -leather corded handle for easy storage. Makes a wonderful gift for the well appointed home. Each brush measures approx 7.5" long and 2" tall.
CPTeakTonic08ozsmall.jpg Teak Tonic 8oz Price: $18.00

This all natural formulas helps moisturize and revitalize all teak wood furniture. Organic beeswax, rosemary and tea tree oil prevent mold and mildew while also protecting the wood from the elements. A natural drying agent helps to seal the grain from the elements. Apply to new furniture to prevent aging. Apply to aged furniture to revitalize finish. Available in 8oz glass bottles,

CP_Teak-Tonic_16oz_small.jpg Teak Tonic 16oz Price: $26.00
All natural treatment for indoor and outdoor Teak Furniture - Additional description and smaller size above. Ships in a 16oz plastic bottle.
CP-DecorativeCreams03.jpg Gold & Silver Decorative Cream Price: $25.00

This wax based cream is an excellent touch up tool for gilded antiques, mirrors, and picture frames. Apply in a small amount for touch up, or larger amounts to introduce color to wooden furniture.

Made from wax and a proprietary blend of cosmetic grade pigments.

Directions: Use fingers or small brush to apply silver or gold accents. Allow to set overnight before buffing for desired shine.

Mixed in small batches.  Sold in 2oz tins

PlaidMitt Plaid Polishing Mitt Price: $18.00
This two tone polishing mitt is the perfect companion to our creams, serums, tonics, and waxes. Luxurious wool flannel provides an excellent texture to apply product or simply dust your most cherished pieces of furniture. Made for us exclusively in New York, the mitt is machine washable in cold water. Makes a great gift for any diy or furniture enthusiast. Used to decorate, the mitt makes an updated stocking to hang on the mantle. Buff your favorite table, shine those most worn shoes, or that super comfortable club chair. Ships in a gift box.