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Leather Care

Leather care products created to bring new life to worn, aged, or cracked leather.  our Leather Care products are free of harmful chemicals and solvents. Made from organic and all natural ingredients following old world recipes. See product descriptions for specific application use.

LeatherSerumNew Leather Serum Price: $20.00

Inspired by old world, deep conditioning products used to bring aged, cracked, and dried leather "back to life".  Created to recondition leather detailed furniture parts such as desk tops, sofas, and chairs.  Equestrian harnesses, saddles, as well as shoes, handbags, luggage, etc.   

For use on damaged or distressed spots:  Application of serum with dropper on cracks will soften the leather, bring back suppleness, and help stop further deterioration.  Great for aged luggage corners, belts, and leather aged by the sun.   Serum can darken lightened spots on brown and black leather.

To use on smooth leather surface:  Apply a few drops to a clean cloth and rub evenly over the surface of the leather for moisturizing effect.

Made from the finest Italian Avocado Oil.  Free of all solvents and chemicals.

NOT FOR USE ON SUEDE.  *Always test application on light colors.

sold in 2oz glass bottle with dropper.

LeatherCreamSmall Leather Cream Price: $20.00

For regular maintenance of leather items;

Clean, moisturize, and shine leather with added benefit of protecting from stains and water.

Made from pure beeswax, organic carnauba wax, and natural essential oils.  Leaves a desirable scent and avoids the "shoe polish smell" on sophisticated items like leather handbags, furniture, or articles of clothing.

Apply evenly with a clean rag.  Allow product to penetrate before buffing back to a light shine.  To achieve a matte finish, do not buff.

Sold in 2oz glass jars.

ShoeTonicReflectionmedium.jpg Shoe Tonic Price: $16.00

Christophe Pourny Shoe Tonic is an all natural and organic way to protect and restore leather shoes. This chemical free formula nurtures leather: a natural skin, restoring softness, luster, and shine. Can be used liberally on most leathers & exotic skins. Excellent for use on wallets and small leather goods.

Shipped in a 3.4 oz Glass Bottle.

*Tonic is oil based and may darken lighter colors. Test a small area first. Color will lighten as Tonic dries*

**Not for use on Suede**

Made in the USA

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Shoe Care Kit Price: $56.00

Care for your finely crafted shoes with our all natural, organic Tonic, Serum, and Cream. Protect smooth leathers, restore and moisturize cracked leathers, and give an overall cleaning to a wide range of leather items : Shoes, bags, belts, and any leather accessory.

From Men's Oxfords to Women's Stilettos, the Shoe Care Kit will come to the rescue.

Each kit contains : One full size Shoe Tonic, Leather Cream, & Leather Serum housed in a reusable hand made wooden crate.  Made exclusively for Christophe Pourny Studio here in the USA.    The Kit measures approx.  7"x7"x 6" 

A great gift for anyone that appreciates well made shoes - or that hard to shop for man in your life.

* Free Priority Shipping *

** Not for use on Suede **

Leather Soap Price: $18.00

We created our Leather Soap in response to customer requests for a product that could clean, disinfect, and moisturize leather surfaces.  Especially created for those in the Equestrian community.   This all natural beeswax saddle soap is laced with Tea Tree and Rosemary Oil, to help prevent mildew as it cleans leather surfaces.  Natural moisturizes also condition and soften leather as it cleans.  Can be buffed to shine.  Excellent on saddles and riding boots.  *Makes a great addition to any Tack Kit.

Simply rub a damp cloth on the paste / cream soap and apply to leather surface in a circular motion to lather.

4 oz tin provides dozens of applications .

smallmittsmall.png Polishing Mitt Price: $18.00

Our Polishing Mitt is made from washed Italian Flannel. Originating in Tuscany, the Wool Flannel is washed in the Arno river to achieve the softest feel. The fabric is imported by our studio, and the Mitt is created for us here by an Italian Atelier. The finest fabric to dust and polish your finest antiques - or newest possessions.  One side can be used to apply Tonics or Wax, and turned over to Polish or Dust.   Machine washable, the Mitt should last for many cleanings.   The best way to apply Christophe Pourny Furniture Tonics, Wax, or Serums, or simply dust items already treated.   Air dry to prevent shrinkage.

Mitt measures approx... 7" x 10"  - One Size Fits All

PlaidMitt Plaid Polishing Mitt Price: $18.00
This two tone polishing mitt is the perfect companion to our creams, serums, tonics, and waxes. Luxurious wool flannel provides an excellent texture to apply product or simply dust your most cherished pieces of furniture. Made for us exclusively in New York, the mitt is machine washable in cold water. Makes a great gift for any diy or furniture enthusiast. Used to decorate, the mitt makes an updated stocking to hang on the mantle. Buff your favorite table, shine those most worn shoes, or that super comfortable club chair. Ships in a gift box.
Valet / Leather Brush Price: $39.00
This custom brush is the perfect tool to buff and shine leather boots, apply wax to wooden tables, or simply use as a valet fabric brush. Made from American Walnut Wood and 100% Horsehair bristles - right here in the USA for Christophe Pourny Studio. The slight curve in the handle makes for comfortable use. The natural waxed finish will last a lifetime - gaining character with each use. -leather corded handle for easy storage. Makes a wonderful gift for the well appointed home. Each brush measures approx 7.5" long and 2" tall.