Savon de Marseille is one of the most signature products coming from the South-Western region of France.  The ancient Greeks would use Olive Oil as the first form of soap, and the first Olive Oil soap factory was established in Marseille in the 6th century. (price is by the bar)   These soaps are made from natural ingredients like Olive Oil and pure essential oils. 

CLASSIC BARS - Fresh flowers from the South of France are pressed into each 300 gram square bar that measures 3"x3"x3".  Their natural aroma fills a room. The high olive oil content moisturizes skin as it cleanses. Gentle enough to use on delicate laundry, it is a natural choice for cleaning clothes. Gentle enough for use as facial soap.  Choose Lavender, Rose,  or Verbena. - each bar is wrapped in wax coated paper, labeled, and hand stamped with scent.

SMALL BARS- 150 gram squares are approximately half the weight of our original bars, measuring 1 3/4" square.  Available in GREEN TEA, APRICOT, OLIVE, and CITRUS.  Also available in our 4 bar gift set.   *small bars sold separately are not wrapped.