• All natural furniture tonic, Color Reviver, Leather Serum, Leather Cream from Christophe Pourny Studio. Made in Brooklyn.  Industry City is home to artisans and furniture makers, in Sunset Park Brooklyn 11232
  • All natural Teak Tonic to moisturize teak wood, both infoor and outdoor.  All Natural Shoe Care Kit. Made in Brooklyn.  Cutting Board Tonic is made from Walnut Oil, White Vinegar, and Essential Oils.  Mixed in small batches in Industry City, Brooklyn
  • Natural Marseille Soap, Made in France for Christophe Pourny Studio.  Green Tea, Apricot, Grapefruit, Fig Marseille Soap.  True Marseille soap made with 72% Olive Oil.  An all natural formula, safe on sensitive skin.  Retail in Industry City, Brooklyn.
  • Christophe Pourny is the author of The Furniture Bible.  Christophe Pourny Studio is based in Brooklyn New York.  The Furniture Bible is published by Artisan Books at Workman Publishing.  Foreword by Martha Stewart.
  • The Furniture Bible by Christophe Pourny,  from Artisan Books at Workman Publishing. Foreword by Martha Stewart.
  • All natural Cutting Board Tonic, free from Mineral Oil and Alcohol. Food Safe with a pleasant scent. Made in Brooklyn.  Polish and clean most wooden surfaces in your kitchen.  Use on wooden bowls, utensils, butcher blocks and more.
  • white beeswax, yellow beeswax used to create all natural paste wax. Made in Brooklyn.  Christophe Pourny Paste Wax is an all natural application to wax, polish, and shine many types of wooden furniture.  Hand poured here in Industry City.
  • Christophe Pourny wrote The Furniture Bible is 2014.  The book chronicles Christophe's antique restoration projects and techniques that has made his studio a destination for interior designers and architects.

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