When we set out to publish our first book, we asked our friends and business contacts in publishing, interior design, and media for advice.  Everyone we spoke to pointed to one publisher - Workman Publishing*.  Their history and reputation in supporting authors and artisans is known far and wide.   It was serendipity our idea was so welcomed by Workman and then guided to fruition by their Artisan Books division.  After almost three years of writing, creating, designing, and editing, The Furniture Bible was born!!

We are thrilled the book continues to sell so well, and connect with so many different types of readers - from craftsmen to interior designers, architects to painters, and DIY enthusiasts... we couldn't be more proud of the melting pot of those all curious about design.   Now in it's 9th printing, we have over 75,000 books in print!  THANK YOU for your support.

We have curated a collection of other books we love from Artisan / Workman.   Like us at Christophe Pourny Studio, each represents an artist, sharing their knowledge and talent with readers.    We hope you find a selection that speaks to you or someone you are shopping for!

*Workman Publishing is now part of Hachette Book Group.  

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